Terms & conditions

Order Confirmation

Once we receive your order, an order confirmation will be sent to your email shortly including information about your order. Always check your confirmation and contact customer service as soon as something feels unclear. If you wish to change an order afterwards you will contact customer service with your question and we will try to help you!

Terms and Conditions

The delivery time is normally 5 days up to two weeks, depending on the transport distance. During the vacation period, the delivery time might be about two/three weeks (1st of July to mid of August 2021).


All transport is done with the help of vChain, which cooperates with DHL Freight, Postnord, TNT Express and others. Report damage to transport as soon as possible and without delay to the respective freight forwarder. Orders with a value exceeding SEK 2500 are delivered free of charge*.

* Some products are excluded from being free of shipping, which is clearly stated at checkout.


The package is always delivered to the nearest delivery point. As soon as the package has arrived at your delivery point, a notification will be sent to you via SMS or e-mail, which you, together with your identification, will need when picking up. You can also use your package number to redeem your order.

Delay in delivery

Even if we do our utmost to deliver what has been ordered in the promised time, it can be wrong. If the delivery delays from what has been promised, please contact us immediately so that we can investigate why the delivery is delayed. If you wish to cancel a delayed item, please contact customer service. Stelwrist.com does not accept any liability for any damage resulting from a notice of delivery being exceeded.

Terms of payment

These General Terms and Conditions apply to all agreements you enter into steelwrist.com. By ordering goods at steelwrist.com you agree to the general terms and conditions. The agreement is concluded at the same time as your order is accepted. We apply payment via Stripe. For companies who places bigger orders, please contact us.


SALE applies as long as the inventory is sufficient. Offers without a clear end date apply as long as the inventory is sufficient. steelwrist.com reserves itself for any final sales which may result in partial deliveries. We reserve the right for final sales as well as for stock keeping with our suppliers, as well as for any price errors that may arise. Occasionally, any of the goods you ordered are not in stock and will be listed on the balance. This is because the item is not in stock or the delivery is delayed. It will then send you an email within 1-3 days. Contact us if you want to cancel your residual listing or if you have questions about delivery times etc.


All prices on steelwrist.com are quoted in SEK, including Swedish VAT. Any customs costs may be added depending on the recipient country.


Not allowed without approved complaint. Always contact customer service before returning. In cases where the subcontractor requires the goods in return, the customer is responsible for any shipping costs. Save the receipt.


Complaints must be made within 8 working days of delivery. We recommend that the products be checked as soon as possible after delivery. Should any product not conform to the specifications of the ordered product, contact with customer service must always be made before any return. We reserve the right to deliver new product within the shortest possible time upon approved complaint.

Repeal and notice

Our goal is for you to be satisfied with the product (s) you buy from us. You have the right to cancel your order once you have received our order confirmation. If you leave, you must contact our customer service and notify us, +4686260700.

In order to be able to handle your case more quickly, please provide the following information: order number and cause.


Refunds for a defective item are credited to the customer’s invoice address within 30 days of approved complaint.


Steelwrist.com reserves itself for final sale and that the goods can be removed from the product range. We cannot guarantee that all images accurately reflect the true appearance of the products. We also reserve ourselves for any printing errors on this website. Stelwrist.com reserves the right to adjust prices and any price errors.

Force majeure

Stelwrist.com is exempt from the penalty for failure to fulfill certain obligations under this agreement, if the failure is based in the exempting circumstance as set forth below and the circumstance prevents, obscures or delays the fulfillment. To be considered a liberating circumstance, government action or omission, new or amended legislation, labor market conflict, blockade, fire, flood, sabotage, major-scale accident or other type of natural disaster. Force majeure includes decisions by the authorities that have a negative impact on the market and products, e.g. restrictions in indication, warning texts, sales bans etc, abnormal market decline and whether the company has been designated for criminal activity affecting the business.

The law on distance trading

Steelwrist.com follows the law on distance trading. Read more here.


Disputes where agreement between the parties cannot be reached are settled in Stockholm District Court.

Company information Steelwrist AB, Titangatan 9, 195 72 Rosersberg, Sweden, VAT SE556617004801.